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Training Programs in Claims Management and Cost Control/Auditing  

MR & Associates. LLC's (MR) training programs focus on actions to be taken from a claims management and cost management perspective in response to a pollution incident.  The programs can be presented together or individually depending on the client's needs.   Objectives and Topics of Discussion relative to each program are detailed below.


Objectives of Our Claims Management Training Program

  • Instruct members of the Finance Section pertaining to various aspects of third party claims management during a spill incident.
  • Simulate claim situations and issues.


Topics of Discussion
  • Establishing a claims telephone line timely
  • Setting up a local claims office
  • Funding the settlement account
  • Publishing a claims number
  • Preparing Public Notice Claims Advertisements Under OPA 90
  • Dealing with the media and general public (from a claims office aspect) 
  • Claimant relations
  • The dynamics of the claims operation
  • Being proactive versus reactive 
  • Managing specific claim types
  • Claim Documentation  
  • Litigation support
  • Dealing with State and Federal Fund Centers



 Objectives of Our Cost Control Training Program

  • Instruct members of the Finance Section how to integrate with the Incident Command team to manage the Responsible Party's OSRO contracts.
  • Identify contractual terms most often disputed.
  • Discuss options that will assist you in resolving potential disputes before they arise.

Topics of Discussion

  • Daily contractor meetings
  • Approval of contractor daily worksheets
  • Application of rates
  • Equipment charges
  • Labor charges
  • Material charges
  • Contractor’s Management Structure
  • Decontamination Procedures
  • Waste Disposal Financial Considerations
  • Invoice Review

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