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Since its inception, MR & Associates, LLC’s (MR) services focused on managing claims and cleanup response costs resulting from major pollution incidents throughout the United States.  While MR maintains its commitment to provide these services to our clients, we see an urgent need to lend support to the thousands of businesses and individuals impacted by hurricanes or other storms.  To this end, below we have listed the loss adjusting and tracking services we are offering relative to hurricanes and major storms.



·        Business Interruption – MR has handled thousands of business interruption claims resulting from pollution events.  These claims include any type of retail businesses (hotels, restaurants, hair salons, gas stations, etc.) as well as those businesses relating to fishing and fish processing.  When an environmental or marine casualty causes a business to lose profits, MR has responded.  Claims relating to lost profits caused by Harvey are no different and MR is ready to respond.

·        Cost Managing/Auditing/Tracking – MR specializes in tracking cost expenditures responding to casualty.  We have managed/audited oil spill cleanup costs including mobilization, housing, materials, manpower, disposal, and equipment for events ranging from as low as $1,000 to over $150,000,000.  MR tracks field costs on a daily basis.  When invoices are submitted, we ensure that the invoiced charges are consistent with the contract terms and captured daily charges.  In addition, we ensure that all charges are supported properly with all necessary documentation.  Our tracking capabilities translate well for managing any cleanup or debris pickup charges relative to the Harvey response.

·        Property Damages - MR also has handled property damage claims including damages to real and personal property.

·        Evacuation Claims – MR has extensive experience handling claims involving persons who are forced from their homes.  We confirm temporary housing and living charges as well as loss of income and additional charges incurred.  

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Please contact Bill McLellan direct at (281) 359-5900, ext. 204 during office hours and at (281) 960-2800 after hours to further discuss our services and capabilities. Thank you.Enter content here

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