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MR & Associates, LLC (MR) is a Limited Liability Company with William A. McLellan acting as its President and CEO.  MR's corporate office is in Kingwood (Houston), Texas.  

Prior to forming MR, Bill was the President of  GAB Robins Environmental & Marine, Inc. (GAB), and when that company dissolved on  December 31, 2003, Bill opened MR to continue serving his clients.  As background information, GAB opened its doors in 1995 as a crisis management company dedicated to providing, among other things, claims and cost management in catastrophic environmental events.  This focus was a natural start given our staff’s past experience of heading up the cost and claims management efforts during the Exxon Valdez and 1993 Tampa Bay oil spills respectively.  Within a few years, GAB added marine claims handling services as well and shifted their focus to handling day-to-day environmental and marine matters. 

MR continues to provide catastrophe claims management and cost control services and, as a group, have been involved in more large scale casualty events than any of other organization offering these services.  At the same time, MR offers a variety of day to day claims handling capabilities such as cleanup oversight of over the road vehicle spills and Underground Storage Tank release investigations and remediation oversight. 

As indicated in our Claims Management Services information page, we have experience in handling claims of almost every nature and are ready to receive and adjust claims anywhere in the United States.  We pride ourselves in being able to offer professional handling of both small and catastrophic losses.

In regard to large-scale pollution claims management, we are skilled in handling claims concerning personal injuries, crop losses, business interruption, evacuation expenses, groundwater contamination, damaged vehicles and boats, real property, personal property, and fishery losses.  We are confident that you will find our services superior to any of our competitors. 

For more specificity relative to environmental services, we have conducted remediation and cleanup audits, handled AST/UST claims, groundwater claims, managed oil/chemical spill cleanup and remediation, adjusted evacuations and property damages caused by chemical/oil spills, controlled truck rollover claims, adjusted professional liability claims, provided litigation support, emergency response consulting, and adjusted overspray and wind drift losses.  We also offer a full service line of environmental audits and Phase I, II, and III site assessments for commercial property transactions.

A key segment of our business concerns providing cost analysis.  Services in this area include quantifying and confirming the costs incurred responding to pollution incidents as well as auditing remediation expenses.  This service is readily applicable to small and large cleanups.

The focus of our claims management and cost control programs is to provide a mechanism for a company to respond to a spill casualty from requisite notifications through clean up, disposal, invoice review, and claims resolution, in a considered and cost efficient manner.  A cornerstone of this program is our 24-hour calling service where we are available to give advice concerning a spill casualty occurring anywhere in the United States.  Precise decision-making is crucial during the first hours after an incident.  The 24-hour hotline service helps you make the decisions necessary to effect a timely and efficient incident response. 

The benefits of having a response team skilled in pollution cost control cannot be over emphasized.  The most obvious benefit is the overall money a company saves responding to spill incidents.  One aspect of this benefit is the money saved simply by properly managing the remediation activities and disposal costs.  In most instances, these cost savings alone more than pay for the cost of our services.  Another aspect involves the amount of money a company saves (or avoids having to pay) by knowledgeably and timely responding to a spill.  This aspect includes not having to incur additional costs resulting from delayed or improper remediation and the avoidance of costly fines or protracted litigation.  Corollary benefits are keeping a company’s name and reputation in good standing within the community.

We manage pollution and other environmental matters throughout the United States from our office location in Kingwood (Houston), Texas.  To facilitate a seamless response, the client needs only to call our Kingwood office to initiate our services.  Once we receive this initial call, we make all arrangements necessary to ensure that the incident is managed properly.  MR has a proven network of independent adjusters, accountants, surveyors and other experts we can bring on board as needed when responding to an incident.  These affiliations give us the necessary access to respond to a casualty anywhere in the United States

Our professionalism, experience, and drive separates us from our competitors.  We look forward to working with you and earning your trust. 

Houston Area Office:  William A. McLellan, 900 Rockmead Drive, Ste. 150, Kingwood, TX 77339
                               Tel.: (281) 359-5900, ext. 204  Fax: (281) 359-5980   Email: wamclellan@mra21.com