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Environmental Claims Management Services  

Catastrophe Services

MR & Associates’ Catastrophe Claims Program is a pre-casualty as well as post-casualty process that has been perfected by professionals with over 40 years of hands on experience in preparing for and responding to environmental losses of almost every nature.  Whether the casualty involves a chemical release, an oil spill, UST release, ground water contamination, or products liability, the best strategy to combat these incidents is to have a thorough and practiced response plan that goes into effect at the first notice of a casualty.  An integral component of this response plan is the on site placement of an experienced and specialized team of professionals to perform a proper investigation, assist with the media and government officials and, most importantly, to put into effect an all inclusive claims management system capable of collating myriad data and resolving claims of every complexity in a timely and cost efficient manner.

MR & Associates’ claims management system utilizes standard computer programming capable of collating data on any number of claimants.  The program has numerous query capabilities and generates status specific reports providing, among other things, claims resolution process, reserve figures, and computations of all amounts expended in settlements and disbursements on a daily and overall basis.


Equally significant, is that the system is operated by knowledgeable managers, adjusters, and accountants who specialize in processing third party claims from initial data entry to negotiating fair settlements.  These individuals exemplify MR & Associates’ conviction that prompt and quality service is paramount to successfully handling third party claims.  When affected businesses, employees, fishermen, property owners, and the public in general are assured that an efficient and timely process is in place sufficient to respond to each individual that has been impacted by a casualty, adverse public reaction, individual law suits and, in particular, class actions can be avoided.

MR & Associates’ personnel are on call 24 hours a day and are prepared to put into effect a full response effort at the first notice of a casualty.  Upon receiving pertinent details of an incident, we will provide immediate advice relative to the number of personnel to dispatch to the incident site.  Once on site, we will make a thorough survey of the impacted area and provide a loss reserve estimate within 24 hours.  We will also give our recommendations as to the sufficiency of personnel presently on site.  If the casualty magnitude dictates that additional personnel be brought in, we have the flexibility of drawing on a vast network of trained managers, adjusters, and accountants.

Tanner Crabs Caught in Dutch Harbor 2005

In the M/V SELENDANG AYU spill incident that occurred off the Aleutian Islands in December 2004, MR was retained to adjust and settle all third party claims that resulted from the incident.  The claims included property damages, retail business losses, and fisheries losses.  In addition, MR prepared and published the Public Notice advertisements required under OPA 90. 

Fisherman Harvesting Tanner Crabs in Dutch Harbor 2005

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