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Professionals providing nationwide claims and cost management
solutions to your environmental and marine risks.

MR responds to any type of environmental casualty involving a spill, release, or leak of chemicals or petroleum products into the ground, water, or atmosphere. 

Drum Recyling Facility Fire - Contamination Investigation, Cincinnati, Ohio May 2005

Environmental Services
  • Catastrophe response planning and implementation.
  • Remediation and cleanup audits
  • Pollution claims management covering oil spills,    chemical releases, truck rollovers, UST/AST losses, personal injuries, crop losses, over spray damages, evacuation expenses, business interruption, groundwater contamination, property losses, damaged vehicles and boats, fishery losses and professional liability.
  • Environmental audits and Phase I, II and III site assessments for commercial property transactions.
  • Litigation Support

Underground Storage Tank Pollution Investigation Houston, TX April 2004.

Pollution Cleanup Costs - Oversight and Audit Services

We provide cost oversight of pollution cleanups to ensure that you are not being overcharged.  Although the optimum time to audit costs is while cleanup is ongoing, we have conducted hundreds of "post mortem" audits of cleanup invoices. 

Our audits have included cleanup costs relative to spills or releases on land and water involving chemicals, oil, gas, jet fuel, diesel, and dust particles.   Cleanup costs relative to these incidents have been as low as $1,000 and as high as $130,000,000.

Tank Overfill - cleanup Oversight and Cost Audit California 2005

Spills - Claims Management

We provide claims management relative to any third party claims resulting from a pollution event on the ground, in the air,  or on the water.  We are proficient in handling high claim volumes and working  in accord with OPA 90 mandates.   Our expertise includes handling claims involving business interruption, fisheries losses, damaged vehicles and boats, and evacuation expenses.

Among the many spills we have worked, our personnel managed the claims offices for the Tampa Bay spill of 1993, the Buffalo Barge incidents in Galveston in March and May of 1996, the 1997 Kure spill in Humboldt Bay, California, the 2000 Pepco Fuel Oil spill on the Patuxent River in Maryland, the 2000 Narragansett Power Outage in Jamestown Rhode Island, the 2001 Moran Towing Barge spill in Long Island Sound, the 2001 Diamond Shamrock Refinery Fire and Evacuation incident, the 2002 Valero Refinery Emission incident, the 2004 Torm Mary spill in Port Neches, Texas, and the 2004 Selendang Ayu spill in Unalaska, Alaska.

M/V KURE Spill - Oyster Farming Humboldt Bay 1997

Marine Services

We offer a variety of services in the maritime sector.  From investigation to settlement and execution of releases, we can assist with your maritime claims.  Relative to demurrage/detention claims, we have handled these claims brought under OPA 90 and the general maritime law.

  • Jones Act personal injury investigations
  • Detention Claims
  • Demurrage
  • Hull and Machinery Losses
  • Cargo Claims
  • Longshoreman and Harbor Workers Compensation Act
  • Passenger Injuries